Safezone is dedicated to bringing interesting, well made hardware into Indian Homes. Craftsmen from many disciplines devoted their energies to making locks that provided both function and beauty. In more recent years the emphasis on cheap, high volume building products has discouraged manufacturers from re-introducing well made hardware. But now these ideas are changing, People are re-discovering the satisfaction that comes from owning well designed products. Safezone mission is to make it possible for home owners to apply these higher expectations to door locks. We are striving to provide a broad, interesting range of products that consumers can use as elements of decor, not just as a way to latch a door.

We are the leading manufacturers & importers of Lockbody & brass cylinders ,Fancy Handles, Knobs, Sliding Handles, Auto Close Hinge, Box Hinge, Shower Hinge for Glass, Patch-fitting For Glass, S.S. Pull Handles For Glass Door, Drawer Channel – Telescopic Slide & Bottom slide. All are an international standard quality guarantee system that fully meets ISO9001 regulations. Company ensures that the products undergo stringent quality checks created by computers.

The company has touched a chord with its customers through its trend setting products. The designs of these products are pleasing to eyes.

Safezone India has always been fuelled with 2 key tenets- Innovation & Quality. Today, we strive to institutionalise these two aspects in the fabric of our products . Owing to our dedication & hard work, we have steed as a company that has brought innovative solutions to the Indian market whether it's the Soft Close Hinges or the pioneering Hydraulic sliding fittings.

Safezone is known for delivering quality products with impeccable finishing. The varied range of products from Handles, Knobs, Frames, Bathroom Accessories, Intelligent Locks and Sliding Solutions all of them have immense thinking & research behind every movement of the product. Every product is processed through vigorous tests which check the products stability, endurance, design sensibility and adaptation to various climates.

Safezone is a brand marketed by JRS . We manufacture tower-Bolts , SS hinges , Aldrobs and Zinc Motice handles in our in factory in Delhi itself.

JRS offers a medley of exquisitely designed products in various spellbinding colours and finishes. These artistically designed products are available in various finishes such as Matte Antique, Antique Bronze, Silver Gold, Matte Gold, Satin Steel, Antique, Crome, Silver Antique . You need to see it to believe it!

Pursuing the aim of "Credit Standing and Quality are Life", we offer the best services to each customer. Emphasising regular staff training and technical innovation, we are confident of being able to meet all market requirements.

Before the production of the handle starts, a mould or a dye for a product is made to give the metal the shape of the handle. This mould is different for each product and sometimes two different moulds have to be made for one design, each costing lakhs of rupees.

We follow a stingy Accepted Quality Limit of 2.5%. This means that after packaging, when the products are inspected one final time, out of the 200 samples pulled out at random from the 10000 products, if more than 10 fail to meet our standards, the entire batch is returned for inspection.All of ours Floor-Spring for glass door have passed 1 million cycle test. Our products are tested stringently at leading testing laboratories i.e. SP Test in Sweden , VDS Test in Germany {Hydraulic Hinges} , The Underwriters Laboratory in the United States{safes} and BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) test in India.

The journey of the handle from the mind of a designer to the bedroom of a connoisseur takes about 10 months and the hard work of our design, production, QC teams and the presentation team.

It is the vision of the company to 'Be the leader & innovator of Hardware solutions' and with each product we are taking strides in the same direction.